EELC was established in November 2007 by Estonian Fund for Nature and environmental lawyers Kärt Vaarmari, Liis Keerberg and Silver Nittim, with purpose to monitor and study implementation of environmental law in real life, and to raise quality of environmental decisions.

During its 3 years of activity, EELC has dealt about 35 bigger environmental cases, giving legal advice for example in issues of new habitat areas, mining permits or environmental impact assessment, as well as for disputing the respective permits or planning decisions in court. On basis of these cases, several analyses were compiled and published in <?2010 in relation to planning of large objects (like roads, wind parks etc), establishment of mines and problems with noise and smell. In these analyses, EELC also makes suggestions how to change legal norms or practice.

In addition, since 2009 EELC publishes monthly environmental law newsletter, through which the readers receive information about new legal acts and other developments in Estonian and European environmental law. In the EELC webpage subpage about environmental law, information and materials about different topics are available for further use.

EELC wishes to thank all its partners and supporters for help in these years and confirms its dedication to pursue its goals in coming years.