Kärt Vaarmari, project coordinator and member of the board of EELC, pointed out that authors of the comments are all recognized experts in the field of environmental law in Estonia. “Thanks to authors with different backgrounds we have an overview of both theoretical background, judicial practice as well as the issues in everyday administrative practice. Many of the authors participated in drafting of the Code and know its background well. This makes comments well-balanced and thoroughly discussed.”

The General Part of Environmental Code was adopted in 2011 and it establishes the framework for the entire Estonian environmental law and practice. This law for the first time provides a compact set of principles, obligations and basic rights in the field of environmental law and general rules on environmental permits. The law has still not entered into force as drafting of its special parts (e.g. Water-, Waste and Earth Crust Acts) has taken longer than planned. According to the current plans of the Ministry of Environment, the general part of the law should enter into force in July 2014.

The authors of the comments were: Hannes Veinla, Kaarel Relve, Oliver Kask, Evelin Lopman, Martin Triipan, Pihel Sarv, Siim Vahtrus, Kärt Vaarmari.

The project was supported by Environmental Investment Centre

Comments are available (in Estonian) at: http://www.k6k.ee/keskkonnaseadustik