Currently we are working on basis of a strategy from 2010, which has served us well in past 3 years, but is outdated by now. So far our main activities have been focused on rather methodology of work (how much we deal with cases, analyses, legislation) and the vision of EELC as an expert organisation, whereas the substantive goals (e.g. what we actually want to achieve in areas of nature protection, air quality, climate change etc in 3 years) have been less specific.

The new strategy should give clear priorities and focus for EELC’s future activities – pick a few priority topics in the whole field of environmental law, to be dealt with thoroughly in the coming years (the period of new strategy is planned ambitiously for years 2013-2020).  Also, methodology for measuring impact of our activities will be developed, to help us and others to see more clearly, what good has come from our efforts.

The new strategy together with a brand new communication strategy and methodology for impact assessment will hopefully be in place by autumn 2013.

The whole work is supported by Estonian Civil Society Fund through financing of EELC’s project 

“Enhancement of impact and visibility of EELC’s activities”.