The identification of possible solutions was preceded by another analysis about problematic issues with current regulation and its application carried out in summer of 2012. In this analysis we concluded that the existing regulation is quite ambiguous and does not provide sufficient protection against noise nor sufficient supervision opportunities.

The proposed solutions were developed in cooperation with the EELC, Akukon OY, and the officials of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The analyses and concept document were commissioned by the Akukon OY Estonian branch as part of the project “Development of Concept for Renewal of Estonian Regulation on Noise Standards” lead by Ministry of Social Affairs and financed by the Environmental Investment Centre.

The solutions concern establishing categories of allowed noise levels in different areas,  specifications to the currently controversial noise levels, recommendations for a more thorough prior assessment of potential noise etc.

The aim of the analysis and the concept was to provide information for changing the current rules. At the moment, Ministry of Social Affairs plans thorough changes in the Public Health Law and the Ministry of Environment is developing new legislation for protection of ambient air in course of codification of environmental law. Therefore, specific proposals for amendments to the noise regulation can soon be expected.