The newly released EC Action Plan contains a number of activities that now require active and committed action by member states to restrict or refuse projects that could harm the Natura 2000 network sites. These actions include, for example, raising awareness and disseminating the best practices, but also improving access to know-how of member states authorities and their environmental monitoring data.

We will be following the activities in Estonia and this autumn organize trainings for local governments in order to improve the skills and knowledge related to appropriate assessments.

European Commission’s Nature Action Plan calls for determined actions taken by Member States (2017)

EU Action Plan for nature, people and the economy (2017)

Joint Statement by Justice and Environment, EEB, ClientEarth and CEEweb (2017)

Making Natura 2000 Impact Assessments Truly Appropriate: NGO proposal for an Action Plan (2017)

Fact sheet:Practical problems in implementation of the Appropriate Assessment. Natura 2000  (2017)

Analysis: Practical Problems in Implementation of the Appropriate Assessment of Natura 2000 (2016)