Public participation enables the environmental decision-makers to consider different interests, which eventually means better and more transparent decisions. However, it is often difficult to participate as the legal norms and practice are often very complex to understand.

To simplify the participation for citizens and NGOs, EELC developed practical web-based guidelines that provide a clear overview of the spatial planning and environmental permits proceedings, including different stages of participation opportunities. In recent months we have also added some tips for preparing and submission of the positions and collecting signatures.

The guide is available on the website: (in Estonian  only).

Besides the “theoretical” advice we also provided free legal aid in the real-world decision-making processes, where we advised the individuals and NGOs altogether in 24 cases. The biggest five cases have been analysed in the comprehensive case studies that are good examples of practical participation (also available at the site of guidelines). In total, ca 500 people received counselling in the project.

The project experience allows us to conclude that participation in environmental decision-making process is often difficult, time-consuming and requires specialist advice in some phases of the process. Although the EELC guidelines for the better participation might be helpful in many cases the experience shows that each case is quite different and requires a different approach. The big number of applications for legal help indicates that free legal aid in environmental matters is still necessary.

After end of this project, EELC does not have means for free legal aid, but we are looking for the new possibilities to continue this direction in the future.


The project activities were funded by the Environmental Investment Centre.

More information on project activities can be found on EELC website.