Legal experts in environmental matters

Boosting EELCs advocacy and marketing

In 2013, EELC team worked hard to define strategic objectives for the next 6 years. The completed strategy and methodology for assessing our social impact are good prerequisites for EELC’s rapid development in the near future. This leap in EELC’s development will also be supported by the National Foundation of Civil Society by project “Boosting EELC’s advocacy and marketing”.


In 2014 we focus on three topics:

By the end of the year we aim to be well-known legal service providers in the field of environmental law. We also wish to make the results of our work more visible and our proposals in decision making processes (laws, development plans, etc) to be taken into account more.

The project is financed by Estonian Ministry of Interior Affairs and National Foundation of Civil Society. The whole budget is 9959 EUR.

The project activities are coordinated by Siim Vahtrus.