Legal experts in environmental matters

Increasing EELC capacities for advocacy

From July to December 2010 EELC carries out a project aimed at increasing the advocacy capacity of EELC as the representative of public interests in environmental matters, creating public discussion and increasing the general awareness of the importance of environmental law in actual environmental issues.

In course of the project an advocacy strategy for EELC shall be compiled and potential co-operation partners shall be communicated with the aim of developing common activities. Results of the activities of EELC to date shall be presented to the public, in order to increase their use in solving actual environmental issues (like construction of mines and large objects, creation of local protected areas, noise issues).

In addition to aforementioned the section on materials of environmental law on our homepage shall be renewed and refreshed and a discussion seminar on the conflicts related to creating local protected areas is planned to be organized in autumn 2010.

The project is carried out with the support of NGO Fund that is financed by governments of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Financial support is coordinated by Open Estonia Foundation.