Legal experts in environmental matters

Social enterpreneurship

In 2010-2011, EELC carried out a project "Development of the paid services and training program in the field of environmental law", in purpose to develop a more stabile paid services, in order to function as social enterpreneur.

The specific aims of the project were to increase the knowledge of the officials of environmental law and its application, make independent expert advice in the field of environmental law available whilst also ensuring the financial stability of EELC and the capacity achieve its aims.

In order to reach these goals, EELC has developed a stabile legal service and training program for local governments about discretionary decisions in spatial planning procedure.

The project lasted from January 2010 until April 2011.

In course of the project, a business plan was compiled for EELC, information about EELC and its activities was actively distributed, a Facebook page created (in Estonian only) and capacity increased in form of investments to improvements in staff and office of EELC.

The project was financed by National Foundation of Civil Society (KÜSK).

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